Affordable Career Change in Data & AI: A Summary of Funding Options!

Thinking about retraining and aspiring to a brand-new career in Data and AI? Then Techionista Academy is the place to be! We offer a wide range of courses, from data engineering, data science, and artificial intelligence to data analysis. Together with Microsoft, we organize these 100% live, online or on-demand courses that prepare you for a job in the tech sector!

During the tracks, you’ll learn a unique combination of hard, career, and business skills, preparing you for a career as a Data Analyst, Data & AI Consultant, Machine Learning Engineer, or Data Engineer. The duration of our tracks ranges from a few days to 10 weeks full-time.

Getting excited yet?

But what if you’re worried about the cost of training? Good news! There are various subsidy and financing options available to help you on your way to your dream career!

In this blog, we’ll go through the different options with you:

1. Pay in Installments

Of course, it is also possible to pay the costs in monthly installments at Techionista Academy. The number of installments depends on the duration and price of the course: for a shorter course, it can be in a maximum of 3 installments, and for longer and thus more expensive courses, we set a maximum of five installments. If desired, you can also pay with Klarna.

2. UWV Training Budget

If you currently receive benefits from UWV, they may be able to help pay for your training program through their training budget. You are eligible if you are unemployed or about to lose your current job within four months. To learn more about the possibilities and how to apply, contact your Work Advisor at UWV and sign up without obligation. We also discuss this option during your intake interview.

3. TechMeUp

TechMeUp offers a study advance to talented candidates who want to follow a course but cannot afford it, or have trouble making ends meet during their studies. If you are interested in applying for a study advance, visit the TechMeUp website to learn more about their application process and eligibility criteria.

4. DigiPower ‘Green Deal’ Subsidy In North-Brabant

Do you live or work in the western part of North Brabant? Take advantage of the DigiPower ‘Green Deal’ subsidy and receive at least 50% discount on your training! This unique opportunity is available to anyone living or working in West North Brabant, or wanting to live or work there. With support from the EU, Just Transition Fund, CA-ICT, and the province of North Brabant, you can follow a Data & AI course at Techionista Academy very affordably.

5. Regional Mobility Teams

If you live in the Netherlands, there are Regional Mobility Teams (RMT) in your area that can help pay for your training. RMTs may be willing to pay (part of) your study costs, depending on your circumstances. To find your RMT and contact them, visit the RMT website.

6. Training Voucher in Twente

If you live in Twente and are an employee, self-employed, or job seeker, you can apply for a training voucher via This can cover 50% of the training costs up to a maximum of €2,500. The remaining 50% is paid by yourself, or can be taken over by a government agency such as the UWV, or by your employer. Note: consider a lead time of 4 to 6 weeks before you know if you qualify for a training voucher. Your training at Techionista Academy can only start thereafter. Also, check out the video below for more information.

7. Your (Future) Employer Pays

Don’t forget to consider your current or future employer as a potential source of funding for your retraining program. Many employers are willing to pay for their employees’ training, as they learn new skills that ultimately benefit the organization. So, if you’re considering a course, ask your employer to cover the costs. Finding it difficult? We understand: we have a sample email ready for you and share some tips you can use to convince your employer. You’re welcome ;).

In short, our Data & AI tracks are fantastic ways to start your career in the tech industry. Thanks to the various financing and subsidy options, a limited budget does not have to be an obstacle in realizing your dream!

Need more info, or do you have a question? You can always reach out: we’re happy to help.