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Be inspired and learn from the leading women in tech and IT; soon, you will be able to take Techionista Academy with you wherever you go.  As you probably know, our number one goal is to empower women through technology… continue reading

A geek? Yes, I actually kind of am

Paulien Leeuwenburgh (44) followed the data & AI track at the Techionista Academy in June 2020. An intensive, but above all very fun and enriching period: “Since I completed the track I look different at myself, in a positive way.”… continue reading

I work for a lot of different companies now.

Although Mariëlle Koekenbier (44) had already studied data analysis herself, she struggled to ‘market’ herself. “I knew what I could do, but calling myself a ‘data analyst’ right away and telling people to hire me was difficult.” The training at… continue reading