DigiPower ‘Green Deal’: Are you based in North Brabant? Then get 50% discount on one of our training tracks!

If you’re in North Brabant or pondering a move or job there, take advantage of the DigiPower ‘Green Deal’ subsidy and get trained for free! With support from the EU, Just Transition Fund, CA-ICT and the province of North Brabant, you can get a 50% discount on one of our Data & AI training courses at Techionista Academy. If you have a co financier, you can even get it for free!

Check out all the subsidized courses and choose the course that suits you!

This is what the DigiPower ‘Green Deal’ subsidy entails

The EU, Just Transition Fund, CA-ICT and the Province of North Brabant have made a generous subsidy available for training people from West North Brabant. At Techionista Academy, a proud executor of this grant, you will receive career orientation and start with the Data & AI training that most appeals to you. Thanks to the DigiPower ‘Green Deal’ subsidy, 50% of the costs are already covered. The other 50% is paid for by you, or a co-financier, such as the UWV, an RMT, or an employer.

When are you eligible for the grant?

  • You live or work in Western North Brabant or would like to.
  • Whether you are an employee, self-employed, looking for a job, or on benefits: in principle, everyone is eligible for this subsidy. During the intake phase, we look together at whether a study at Techionista is a good match for you.
  • You must be older than 18 and younger than the retirement age.

You can take these courses

Under the DigiPower “Green Deal” umbrella, Techionista rolls out two specific training tracks: ‘vocational sessions’ and ‘profession-centered retraining.’ The former is concise, live-streamed online, and culminates in roughly three weeks, granting a Microsoft certification. Your choices:

Profession-oriented retraining is a comprehensive initiative, grooming you for a lucrative Data & AI career. Beyond core technical expertise, it equips you with pivotal career attributes like personal branding and consultancy. These longer courses, culminating in 2 Microsoft certifications, encompass:

2,5 training weeks

Become a Power BI Expert (PL-300)

View training
3 weeks

Data Engineering in the Azure Cloud (DP-203)

View training
2 weeks

Machine Learning & AI (DP-100)

View training
8 weeks

Microsoft Certified Data Scientist

View training
10 weeks

Microsoft Certified Data Engineer

View training
8 weeks

Microsoft Certified Data Analyst

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Here’s how to sign up

Choosing the right training is paramount, especially when it comes to the DigiPower ‘Green Deal’ subsidy opportunity. To kick off the process, you’ll initially need to fill out our online intake form, that you will receive via email after signing up here. This step helps us evaluate your eligibility for the DigiPower ‘Green Deal’ subsidy. If you’re deemed eligible, you’ll receive an invite to undertake an online DISC assessment. This assessment helps us identify your communication style, and collaboration approach, as well as pinpoints your strengths and areas of improvement. Such insights are crucial for our career coach. Upon qualifying, we’ll delve deeper to understand your goals and prior experience, ensuring we align you with the ideal training path.
The choices span between a vocational (shorter) training activity and a more extensive profession-oriented (re)training program, both falling under the DigiPower ‘Green Deal’ North-Brabant initiative. For those leaning towards the vocational training, only a brief intake is necessary before diving into your chosen course. However, if the profession-oriented (re-)training program catches your eye, there’s a preliminary step: the Career Orientation track. This phase grants you access to interviews with Data & AI professionals, a comprehensive job scan, a live ‘Business Model You’ training, and a dedicated session to chalk out your personal development plan. For further insights on career orientation, continue browsing to this page. It’s vital to note: undergoing the career orientation is a prerequisite for the DigiPower ‘Green Deal’ profession-oriented (re)training program.”

Sign up

First you’ll sign up without obligation. After that, you’ll receive an online intake, in which you can tell us more about who you are and what your ambitions are. Based on this form, we will determine if you are eligible for the subsidy.

Go through intake or career orientation

Are you eligible for the subsidy? Then, depending on whether you opt for a vocational training or profession-oriented (re) training, you will go through an intake or a career orientation. For this phase, you agree to our General Terms and Conditions.

Start training

After the intake or career orientation, you can start the program of your choice. You choose your start date and we will take care of the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know yet which training suits me. How do I apply?

Don’t have an idea yet which education suits you? No problem! That is exactly what the intake phase is for. You first register without any obligation. Leave your name and email address here. We will send you an email with an invitation for your online registration. Based on that registration we can see if you are eligible for the subsidy, and we get a first impression of your ambitions and wishes. You will then take an online DISC assessment. With this we map out your way of communicating and cooperating, but also your strengths and weaknesses. Valuable input for our career coach to help you determine what suits you best. Even if you do not yet know exactly what you want, registration is a good idea! Together we will find out.

Is attending career orientation mandatory?

In order to participate in one of our Profession-oriented retrainings – the Microsoft Certified Data Analyst track, the Microsoft Certified Data Engineer track, or the Microsoft Certified Data Scientist track – you must first complete the career orientation track. Those are the conditions of the subsidy. We want to make sure that you make the right choice before any costs are incurred. But apart from that, we also believe that career orientation gives you a lot of insight. That’s always valuable to you. Want to know more about career orientation? Check out our special information page.

How does it work with co-financing?

From the DigiPower ‘Green Deal’ grant, 50% of the costs are covered. The other 50% can be paid by a co-financier, such as the UWV, a Regional Mobility Team (RMT) or a company, for example your (current or future) employer. We will briefly go through the different possibilities with you.


If you are currently receiving benefits from UWV, they may be willing to pay 50% of the cost for you. You are eligible for this if you are unemployed or will lose your current job within four months. To learn more about the options and how to apply, contact your Work Advisor at the UWV and sign up without obligation. We will also discuss this option during your intake interview.

Regional Mobility Teams

If you live in the Netherlands, there are Regional Mobility Teams (RMT) in your region that can help you with (some or all of) the co-funding, depending on your circumstances. To find your RMT and contact them, visit the RMT website.

Your (future) employer

Don’t forget to consider your employer as a potential source of co-funding. Many employers are willing to pay for their employees’ training because it teaches them new skills that will ultimately benefit the organization.

In most cases, there will be co-funding. In the unlikely event that there isn’t, consider being your own co-funder. You will then be half yourself.

Where exactly must I live or work to qualify for this subsidy?

This subsidy is for people who live or work, or want to live or work in the West North Brabant region. This region consists of the following municipalities:

  • Bergen op Zoom
  • Breda
  • Drimmelen
  • Etten-Leur
  • Geertruidenberg
  • Halderberge
  • Made (part of Drimmelen)
  • Moerdijk
  • Oosterhout
  • Raamsdonksveer (part of Geertruidenberg)
  • Roosendaal
  • Rucphen
  • Sint Willebrord (part of Rucphen)
  • Steenbergen
  • Woensdrecht
  • Zundert
  • Zevenbergen (part of Moerdijk)
  • Hoogerheide (part of Woensdrecht)

To claim this subsidy you must have a permanent address and be registered with the municipality within this region. It is also possible that you do not live in the region, but that you work for a company with a branch in this region. And finally, you may want to live or work there. Are you in doubt? Then please contact us.

Is participation non-binding?

Registering yourself to see if you qualify for the grant is without obligation. If it appears that you qualify for the grant and you decide to participate, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Therein you will see that participation is not without obligation. We assume that you – if applicable – complete your career orientation in full, and the training activity of your choice. If you stop participating prematurely – without serious reasons – you will no longer qualify for the subsidy. However, we will have already incurred costs for you. In that case, you will pay for your participation yourself.

The Digipower Green Deal grant is an initiative of:

More information about this grant can be found on the Stimulus.nl website.