I’m not looking for a job guarantee. Can I still participate?

Maybe you’re not looking for a job guarantee up front at all. Maybe because you want to decide later where you will work. Even then you can decide to participate in this training. You will then pay for the training yourself. We offer the Microsoft Azure Certified Data & AI track for €8,500 ex VAT (€10,285 incl. VAT). Of course, this is not the real value of this training: it is much higher. If we were to use a commercial rate, this training would cost € 10,444 ex VAT (€ 12,637.24 incl. VAT). But Techionista has a mission: we want to give as many women as possible the opportunity to retrain for a job in ICT. Therefore we want to keep the financial threshold to participate in this program as low as possible. Fortunately, we have found a great partner in Microsoft. Thanks to their support, we have been able to reduce the actual study costs considerably: to € 8,500 ex VAT. The 8-week track costs € 6,560 ex VAT (€7,937.60 incl VAT). As a participant without a job guarantee, you pay a contribution of € 3,500 ex VAT (€ 4,235 incl. VAT) before the start of the program. It may be of interest to you, to look into the so-called STAP budget. STAP stands for Stimulans ArbeidsmarktPositie. With the STAP budget of the Dutch government you can get up to € 1,000 compensation for a training or course of your choice. Therefore, if you can claim this budget, you can reduce the contribution.

We do not yet charge for the remaining study costs. If you find a job within 4 months of completing the Microsoft Azure Certified Data & AI Track, your new employer can cover the complete study costs. We will then refund you your contribution. From experience, we know that almost all employers do not object to this. If you accept a job with an employer who does not want to take over the remaining study costs from you, you will have to repay the amount to us yourself (possibly in installments, with a maximum of 1 year). In the unlikely event that you are unable to find paid employment within 4 months of graduating, we will waive the remaining study costs. You will then only have paid the personal contribution of € 3,500 ex VAT. Do you want to follow this course at your own expense? Then you must first pass the selection period. So register quickly and we will let you know if you pass the first selection.