Calling for all women in Europe!

We’re proud to announce that Avanade is partnering up with Techionista Academy. Together we are launching a European Data & AI initiative to retrain women in our Data and Analytics Academy and change the field of analytics, making it more diverse.

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We believe we need to remove all potential financial barriers for women to retrain. You do not have to pay anything for the training.

676DCA3A-EA81-48DB-A9C3-E4063429E535 Salary from first day of academy

Avanade will pay each participant a full-time salary from the first study day.

7C808729-AC29-4FF5-A167-28AB88A9CAF8 Job guarantee at Avanade

After graduating, a job at the Avanade country of choice awaits.

This is the deal

On May 2nd, 2022 a class of women from 9 different countries, divided over 5 regions started their (re)training adventure at Techionista Academy with a job guarantee at Avanade. Not only will Avanade pay for their participation at the Microsoft Azure Certified Data & AI track, they will also pay them a salary from study day one. After graduation (16 weeks full-time training) they will also have a job waiting for them at Avanade. Can it get any better?

You’re perfect for this track, if you…

We only have a limited number of places available for this special retraining program that we are organizing together with Avanade. Avanade will ultimately select the participants that best suit them. But how do you know if you are suitable for this retraining program? If you can tick the following points, it is smart to put your name on the list.

Affinity with IT and tech

Maybe you already master a programming language, or maybe you have already followed study or training in the field of data or AI.


This course isn’t easy and it will take a significant amount of your time and energy. So you need a strong drive and a good amount of perseverance.

Basic skills

You do need some basic knowledge of Microsoft Office: Microsoft Teams for example. It’s definitely a plus if you have worked with a program such as Excel and SQL.

About the training

Do you also find the world of Data & AI so fascinating? And are you ready for a new career at one of the coolest companies in Europe? Then you have come to the right place! Together with Microsoft, Techionista Academy has put together a 100% online course of 16 weeks full-time for a job in data & AI at Avanade. After this training – which will be given in English – you will have obtained the following three Microsoft certificates: Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900), Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst (PL-300), and Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure (DP-203). We also train you on coding with Python, and SQL. Of course, we also add the Avanade Consulting Excellence training. You’ll learn the basics of a consulting engagement. From time and meeting management to effective client meetings, and communication and presentation essentials.

After this academy you are ready for a job as a data professional, data engineer, data analyst, business intelligence professional, or data & AI consultant in one of the 13 participating countries. And don’t worry … you don’t do it alone. You will study at home, but you will do it together with your fellow students and our coaches and trainers who will guide you to the finish line. You got this!

Unfortunately the registration for this track is now closed.

Why are we doing this?


“I’m passionate about inclusion and diversity and personally I don’t believe there is innovation without diversity. With diversity we challenge our thinking, we have alternative thoughts and mindsets.”

Pamela Maynard, Chief Executive Officer, Avanade

At Avanade, Inclusion & Diversity is part of everything we do, from the way we treat people to how we make decisions, to the solutions we take to market. We believe it’s a discipline that must be practiced with vigilance every day. We offer distinctive experiences, limitless learning and ambitious growth when you choose to join and build your career at Avanade.

“We don’t have time to wait for the new generation to close the gender gap. If we don’t enrich women with IT skills now, and retrain them into future-proof tech jobs; gender diversity in the labor market is only decreasing further.”

Vivianne Bendermacher, Managing Director and Co-owner of Techionista

In the world of IT, women are severely underrepresented. Within the jobs that will be hit the hardest – administrative and facility jobs – women are overrepresented. If we want to maintain the position of women in the labor market, we must do something now. We must empower them with IT skills. That’s where Techionista comes in. We inspire with tech, educate and help find jobs.

Watch our webinar

Dying to know more about this awesome opportunity to get a fully paid retraining into the world of Data & AI, with a job guarantee at a super inspiring company? We can imagine! Avanade and Techionista recorded a special webinar, in which we tell you all about this unique opportunity. Led by Techionista’s founder Vivianne Bendermacher; Anna di Silverio (Europe President at Avanade), Annika Grosse (Avanade’s Europe AI & Data Lead), and Tamira van Roeyen (Managing Director of Techionista) discuss why they value this partnership so much. We’ll take a deep dive into diversity and inclusion with Sarah Rench (Director of Data, AI and Industry Solutions), Yolanda Alonso Cid (Global Data & AI Market Development Lead), and Paulien Leeuwenburgh, who retrained at Techionista Academy and is now working at Avanade as a data engineer. Ryan Price (Managing Director Data & AI), Josie West (Director and AI & IOT Offering Lead for Avanade UK&I), and Jacqueline Schofield (Global Data & AI Services Lead) will tell you all about the jobs you can score if you’re selected to participate in this retraining adventure. Of course, Techionista’s hard skills manager Zefanja van Bakel will tell you all about what exactly you will learn.

Her experience

“I was almost new to the data world and therefore felt more junior in the beginning, but the training taught me that I bring a lot of experience. Skills that I have gained by working with other people for 17 years: business sensitivity and strong communication skills, which starters, for example, do not have.”

Paulien Leeuwenburgh

Oud-student | Data Engineer bij Avanade

Which certificates will I obtain during this retraining track?

You will obtain the following three Microsoft certificates: Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900), Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst (PL-300), and Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure (DP-203).

What are the costs for this retraining track?

Not only is this track free for any selected participant; the participant will receive a full-time salary from the first study day. After graduating, a job at the Avanade country of choice awaits.

Which countries are participating?

Five regions of Avanade Europa are participating:

  • ASG: Austria, Switzerland, and Germany
  • BENE: Belgium & Netherlands
  • Nordics: Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway
  • UKI: United Kingdom & Ireland