Funding and Subsidy Opportunities: A Guide to Affording Your Retraining Program

Are you looking for an exciting new career in Data and AI? Look no further than the Microsoft Azure Certified Data & AI track from Techionista Academy. Together with Microsoft, we’ve put together this 100% online course that gets you ready for a job in tech in either 8 or 16 weeks full-time! The 8-week track will prepare you for a new career as a Data Analyst or a Data & AI consultant. After finishing the 16-week track, you can add the role of Data Engineer to your list of career options!

Getting excited to start your retraining journey yet?

But what if you’re concerned about the cost of the program? Fear not, as there are many funding and subsidy opportunities available to help you on your journey toward your brand-new career in tech. 

In this blog, we’ll go through the different options that you can consider before joining the track:

1. STAP Budget

The STAP budget is a subsidy for individuals who wish to develop themselves and strengthen their position in the labor market. If you are awarded the STAP budget, you will receive a € 1,000 incl VAT discount for a Techionista training course of choice. For the Microsoft Azure Certified Data & AI track this means you’ll only pay € 3,235 incl. VAT before the start of the track. To learn more about the STAP budget and how to apply for it, visit the STAP page.

2. TechMeUp 

TechMeUp offers interest-free loans to talented individuals who cannot afford to pay for their training programs. If you are interested in applying for a loan, visit their website to learn more about their application process and eligibility requirements.

3. Regionale Mobiliteitsteams

If you live in the Netherlands, there may be Regionale Mobiliteitsteams (RMT) in your area that can help you pay for your training program. RMTs may be willing to pay (a part of) your personal contribution (the amount you pay before the training starts), depending on your circumstances. To find your RMT and get in touch with them, visit the RMT website.

4. UWV Training Budget

If you are currently receiving benefits from UWV, they may be able to help you pay for your training program through their training budget. You may be eligible for this budget if you are unemployed or if you are going to lose your current job within four months. To learn more about the possibilities and how to apply, contact your Work Advisor at UWV and register without obligation. We will also discuss this procedure during your intake call

5. Employer-Paid Training

Don’t forget to consider your current or potential future employer as a potential source of funding for your retraining program. Many employers are willing to pay for the training of their employees as it helps to improve their skills and ultimately benefits the organization. If you’ve already signed up for the program, Techionista Academy will make your profile visible to their partners, which may lead to a job offer that includes payment for your training costs!

In a nutshell, our Microsoft Azure Certified Data & AI retraining track is a fantastic way to level up your hard- and soft skills and kickstart your career in the tech industry. And the best part? There are many funding options available to make it happen, from government subsidies to interest-free loans. 

So, if you’re ready to take the leap to a fulfilling tech career, don’t miss out on this opportunity! Sign-up for the track free of obligation and we will invite you for a 1-on-1 call to answer all your questions, and to provide you with all the information you need to get your retraining journey started!