Catherine Torres

Talent Manager

My passion for changing the world through education has led me to work in various settings throughout my career, both on-campus and online. With over a decade of advising, coaching and supporting adult online students, mostly in computer science and MBA programs, I believe that personalized service is one of the main keys to success. At Techionista, in the position of Talent Manager, I have the opportunity to guide and support learners from the start of their training until they find their dream job.

I consider myself a citizen of the world. My work and personal experience as an international student have equipped me to empathize with students from diverse backgrounds in a rapidly changing world. Before joining online education, I spent a good number of years in the international business field, where I acquired skills and knowledge that now help me better understand and assist professionals in their job search process. 

I earned my first degree in Human Geography and followed teaching and communication courses. A few years ago, I returned to study while working and completed an online MSc in Higher Education specializing in Online Learning.