Find your dream job or talent on Techionista Talent Match

At Techionista Academy, we know that finding the dream job can be challenging. That is why we teach career skills and help our students during their job search. We are now taking this to another level and launching a new platform: Techionista Talent Match Platform! This is where talents and companies reap the benefits.

Why do we launch this Techionista Talent Match?

There are lots of talents trying to find their new challenge, and companies looking for talented people to join their team. With our Talent Match platform we aim to give both talents and companies an opportunity to match and meet with like-minded people: in the end, we all strive for more diversity and inclusion in IT and Tech!

Why should you be on our Talent Match Platform?

  • Job opportunities in IT, Tech, data, AI & more
  • Totally free to use for talents
  • Free to use for companies. Only upon a match, a company pays either the talent’s tuition costs or a mission fee
  • Hire Talent with fresh skills
  • Remote or in-person roles
  • Easy communication between talents and companies
  • Find like-minded people (we strive for more inclusion in IT and Tech)

How to obtain the perfect talent match?

Create your Profile

Both Companies and Talents can create a profile on our platform (Companies can create several profiles under one company). Here you can add a profile photo, a description of yourself or your company, and choose different items that describe you or your company across various filters that have been put in place. Choose them wisely, they play a big role in calculating your match score!

Browse Talent Profiles

Once your profile is created, as a talent, you can start looking for jobs that meet your expectations. As for the companies, you can start taking a look at talents’ profiles but the best is to post a job offer so that you see what are the best matching talents for a specific need.

Contact Talents

Our platform gives you the possibility to shortlist talents, send messages or organise a video call! Once you find a job/talent that matches your expectations and needs, all that is left is to get in touch. There is no better way to get to know each other and see if there really is a match than starting the conversation… We wish you the best of luck!

Want to know how it works?
Have a look at this How To-video!

Does Techionista make money from my match?

When a talent and a company decide to do business with each other, we ask the company to take over any study costs of a talent. This way, the training becomes free for the talent and we remove the financial barrier to embark on a retraining adventure. Are there no outstanding training costs (anymore)? Then in case of a match, we ask a company to pay a mission fee of only € 5,000 ex VAT. With that money, we develop new or even better education programs.

Do I have to be a Techionista to create a profile?

At the moment we only enroll current and former students of Techionista Academy. But stay tuned: in future we will open the platform up for others too.

What kind of job profiles are available on the platform?

Although the main focus of the platform is the IT and Tech industry, it is always possible to find jobs that require your unique branche experience or job in different fields. So feel free to create a profile and take a look at several job offers by our network of companies!

How many talents have already registered?

Our platform is online since the end of November 2022. Since it is brand new, it might be a bit quiet in the beginning. Be assured though that we do have an amazing network of talented people and interested companies. We aim to reach thousands of people, but for now, bear with us as we grow this community together!

Is the Techionista Talent Match platform free?

We want to enable as many people to find the perfect match. This is why our platform is currently out of charge! But this is a limited time offer. So make sure you benefit from this exclusive offer before it’s too late! (The platform will remain free for Techionistas.)