The State of Dutch Tech: Reflections from the DEI in Tech Summit

At Techionista Academy, we’ve always emphasized the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the tech industry. Recently, our founders, Vivianne and Tamira, attended the DEI in Tech Summit. There, Diverse Leaders in Tech, powered by, presented the results of new research: The State of Inclusion in Dutch Tech. The conclusion? There’s still much to do…

Striking Research Findings

The research presented at the DEI in Tech Summit primarily shows a significant perception gap. For instance, 46% of respondents indicated that the focus on DEI is grossly exaggerated. However, a closer look reveals that far more men (47%) than women (24%) feel this way. 34% of male respondents do not believe that DEI in the workplace is important for business. In contrast, 86% of female respondents think it is. The majority of respondents view their organization as safe and inclusive, while one in four women reported inappropriate behavior in the workplace last year…

Bridging the Perception Gap

According to Techleap, two important steps are needed following this research. Firstly, we need to better understand and communicate how diversity plays a key role in the success of a business. Additionally, it is essential to gain a clearer picture of how people from different groups truly experience inclusion in the tech sector.

Also Listen to Vroeg! on NPO Radio 1

Our founder Vivianne Bendermacher was on air early on Friday, November 24, during the radio show Vroeg! on NPO Radio 1 (in Dutch). She discussed the outcomes of this research, among other topics. You can listen back to the broadcast below.