2 training days

Data Analysis with Excel

  • Learn all about Microsoft Excel
  • Create your own dashboards and analyses with Excel
  • Free with STAP budget
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You can use STAP budget for this training!

Get up to € 1,000 in subsidies with your personal STAP budget to follow a Techionista course. You can indicate that you want to use your STAP budget when you sign up for this course. Please have a look at our STAP page for more information.

Why this training?

Microsoft Excel is by far the most widely used spreadsheet program in the world. It provides the ability to structure large amounts of data so that it can be analyzed and reported. Employers are also increasingly demanding that employees know how to use Excel, given that the program is used in most business environments. Do you want to prepare for a more extensive data analysis training course or do you want to enrich your Excel skills in order to gain a stronger position in the job market? Then the Data Analysis with Excel training course is for you.

Please note: this training is offered in Dutch and English.

Learn to analyze data in Excel in 2 days

Microsoft Excel is the most widely used program in many business environments, therefore knowledge of Excel is essential for almost all ICT professionals. In this short track, you will learn in two days how Excel data analysis works and how to build a data model with a graphical dashboard. At the end of the course, you will be able to analyze your own business data.

You’re the perfect match if you…

This course is a natural preparation for more advanced data analysis training. Moreover, it is a good basis for creating reports and accounts in Excel. You will immediately benefit from it in your daily work.

Basic skills in Excel

This course is designed for people who have basic Excel skills and want to take the next step.

Higher education required or equivalent professional experience

We estimate that you need to have higher education to be able to follow along, or equivalent professional experience.

Working people and job seekers

Everyone is eligible for this free training: employed, self-employed and job seekers.


This course is given in Dutch and in English: you can choose which one suits you best. The study material is in English.


We believe in age diversity. If you want to qualify for the STAP budget, you must be over 18 and not yet eligible for state pension.

Excel on your laptop or computer

Preferably Office 365 or 2021, but earlier versions (after 2010) can also participate.

Here’s what you’re going to learn

This course is designed for people who have basic Excel skills and want to enrich their skills. The pace is fast. You will learn in two days how Excel data analysis works and how to build a data model with a graphical dashboard. It is therefore important that you have basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

Day 1

  • Get data into Excel quickly and conveniently
  • Enriching data using formulas and functions
  • Creating and using tables
  • Creating pivot tables
  • Creating charts
  • Simple data analysis with Excel

Day 2

  • Power Query: Importing data from different sources
  • Transforming and cleaning data
  • PowerPivot: Creating a Data Model
  • Creating relationships
  • Building a data model with DAX functions
  • Creating a visual report from the data model

De trainer

Harry van den Hoff

Hard skills Trainer

  • Microsoft Excel Expert
  • Microsoft Word Expert

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This track is given at several times a year. This training is offered in Dutch (D) and English (EN). With STAP budget, this course is for free.

  • 100% online guidance
  • Free of charge with the STAP budget
Training daysPrice
17 + 18 april 2023 (EN)€ 995 incl VAT Sign up
22 + 23 mei 2023 (EN)€ 995 incl VAT Sign up
19 + 20 juni 2023 (D)€ 995 incl VAT Sign up
Training daysPrice
17 + 18 april 2023 (EN)€ 995 incl VAT
Training daysPrice
22 + 23 mei 2023 (EN)€ 995 incl VAT
Training daysPrice
19 + 20 juni 2023 (D)€ 995 incl VAT

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I know if my STAP application has been approved?

The UWV can take up to 4 weeks to approve applications but aims to do so within a few working days. For most applications, if the conditions are met, the STAP budget is awarded almost immediately.

Do I have to wait for my STAP budget application to be approved before I can apply for training?

No, you don’t have to wait. The first step is to enroll in the Techionista Academy training of your choice. After enrollment, you will receive a certificate of enrollment. From November 1st you can apply for the STAP budget via stapuwv.nl. If the STAP budget is granted, we will receive a copy in the form of a purchase order, and you are ready to start the training!

For which of your courses can I use the STAP budget?

Techionista Academy is registered in the STAP Training Register, which means that the STAP budget of € 1,000 can be used for all our trainings.

What if I want to take a course that costs more than €1,000?

Would you like to take one of our long-track courses? Then it is also possible to make use of the STAP budget. You will receive a discount of € 1.000 and pay the rest of the costs yourself.