3 training days

Power BI: Storytelling with data

  • Power BI and data analysis
  • Data retrieval, cleaning, and modeling
  • Free with STAP budget
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Why this training?

With Microsoft Power BI you can visualize data in a beautiful interactive way. It is a tool that is frequently used by, for example, data analysts. Would you like to retrain yourself to get started as a data analyst? Or do you want to enrich your skillset, in order to gain a more solid position in the labor market? Then the Power BI: Storytelling with Data Track is just the thing for you.

Become a data-analist!

We firmly believe in a combination of hard skills and business skills. That is why you will not only learn everything that has to do with data analysis: from cleaning data to creating data models with Power BI; you will also put your new skills into practice by learning all about report design and storytelling with data. You will have a solid basis to continue after this course with self-study for the Microsoft exam ‘Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst’ (PL-300).

24 hours live training, divided over 3 days

This training consists of 24 hours of live training (divided over 3 live online training days). The first two days will focus on becoming familiar with data retrieval, cleaning, and modeling. You will analyze data and find out which visuals are best to use for which scenarios. On the third day, you will learn everything about report design, how to tell a story with your data, and how to bring across your message in the best way possible.

Take into account that you also need self-study hours afterward, before you are ready to go for the exam. It is hard to predict how many hours of self-study you need, that differs per person. On average, people spend about 40 to 80 hours on their self-study. After the live training days, you will receive a voucher to go for the Microsoft PL-300 exam. You will need to schedule the exam yourself.

The study materials we use during our courses consist of E-learning materials (please note: these materials are partly in English). The courses are given (in Dutch and English) by Microsoft-certified trainers and you will be guided by the Techionista Team.

You are the perfect match when you are..

Are you eager to learn? Do you have an affinity with the world of Data & AI? Are you result driven? Analytical savvy? Then this track might be the thing for you.


It is important that you have some analytical skills (for example, that you have a feeling for mathematics). However, we composed the training in such a way that even if you have no experience in IT yet, you should be able to complete this training.

Academic level

We estimate that you need to have an academic (thinking) level for this training. You do not have to prove this to us with a University diploma; it is also possible that you reached this level through your work experience.


You have a growth mindset, instead of problems you only see challenges. You are assertive and communicative. You are eager to learn and stress-resistant. You can deal with setbacks and therefore you are flexible.


We believe in age diversity, so everyone is welcome. However: if you want to participate with the STAP budget, then you have to be between 18 and 67 years old (you are not yet entitled to a state pension).


This training is given in Dutch and in English. The study materials are in English. A good understanding of the English language is therefore also important.

Laptop or computer

Preferably Office 365 or 2021, but earlier versions (after 2010) can also participate. With a Mac you can not attend this training. Please install the latest version of Power BI on your computer. The latest version is not necessary, but definitely nice to have.

This is what you will learn

Prepare data for analysis

  • Retrieve data from other sources
  • Create a profile out of the data
  • Clean, transform and load the data

Model data

  • Design a data model
  • Create measurements with DAX-formulas
  • Optimize the performance of the model

Analyze data

  • Enhance reports to uncover insights
  • Perform advanced analysis

Implement and maintain deliverables

  • Manage datasets
  • Create and manage workspaces

Storytelling with data

  • Report design
  • How to tell a story with data
  • Do’s and Don’ts in design
  • How to convince an audience

What was her experience?

“The Power BI training from Techionista Academy was incredibly fun to attend. The trainer’s explanations were clear, and she used relevant examples to make the material more comprehensible. The group was diverse, which ensured that different perspectives were discussed. The storytelling part had extra added value, because you can apply that outside of Power BI too. Ultimately, a good foundation is laid to build beautiful, clear reports and dashboards.”


The trainer

Genevieve Koens


  • Microsoft Certified
  • Power BI

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We offer multiple tracks per year. This training will take place with at least 6 participants. This training is given in Dutch (NL) and in English (EN). Please have a look at the dates to see in which language that specific track is given.

  • With a voucher for the PL-300 exam
  • 100% Online coaching
  • Build a professional dashboard

You can participate in this training with the STAP budget. With the STAP budget, this training is free of charge. For more info about the STAP budget: please visit our STAP page.

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15-16-17 February ’23 (NL)€ 995 incl VATRegister here
13-14-15 March ’23 (NL)€ 995 incl VATRegister here
19-20-21 April ’23 (EN)€ 995 incl VATRegister here
22-23-24 May ’23 (NL)€ 995 incl VATRegister here
26-27-28 June 23 (EN)€ 995 incl VATRegister here
Training daysPrice
15-16-17 Feb ’23 (NL)€ 995 incl VAT
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13-14-15 March ’23 (NL)€ 995 incl VAT
Training daysPrice
19-20-21 April ’23 (EN)€ 995 incl VAT
Training daysPrice
22-23-24 May ’23 (NL)€ 995 incl VAT
Training daysPrice
26-27-28 June 23 (EN)€ 995 incl VAT

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I know if my STAP application has been approved?

The UWV can take up to 4 weeks to approve applications but aims to do so within a few working days. For most applications, if the conditions are met, the STAP budget is awarded almost immediately.

Do I have to wait for my STAP budget application to be approved before I can apply for training?

No, you don’t have to wait. The first step is to enroll in the Techionista Academy training of your choice. After enrollment, you will receive a certificate of enrollment. From November 1st you can apply for the STAP budget via stapuwv.nl. If the STAP budget is granted, we will receive a copy in the form of a purchase order, and you are ready to start the training!

For which of your courses can I use the STAP budget?

Techionista Academy is registered in the STAP Training Register, which means that the STAP budget of € 1,000 can be used for all our trainings.

What if I want to take a course that costs more than €1,000?

Would you like to take one of our long-track courses? Then it is also possible to make use of the STAP budget. You will receive a discount of € 1.000 and pay the rest of the costs yourself.