8 weeks

Microsoft Certified Data Analyst

  • Analyzing data with various tools and techniques
  • Plus extensive career skills track
  • With Microsoft AZ-900 and PL-300 exam vouchers

Woman working behind a Windows laptop on Power BI.

Become a Microsoft Certified Data Analyst: Transform Data into Powerful Insights.

Have you always wanted to excel in translating raw data into meaningful insights? The Microsoft Certified Data Analyst track at Techionista Academy is your golden opportunity! With the help of Power BI, a leading tool from Microsoft, you’ll turn complex data into clear and visually impressive reports.

You’ll learn everything about preparing, cleaning, and transforming data. Moreover, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge of Azure’s architecture, services, and management principles, and you’ll become an expert in visualizing data with Power BI. But the training goes beyond just technical skills. You’ll also be prepared for real business challenges with training in communication, consultancy, and even in optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

Whether you’re just starting out, looking to elevate your career, or simply wanting to become indispensable in a data-driven business environment; this 8-week program sets you on the right path. Enroll now and embark on your journey to becoming a recognized Microsoft Certified Data Analyst!

Techionista says goodbye

After an 8-year journey filled with an incredible number of Techionista courses, job fairs, events, and media appearances. After educating more than 1000 Techionista talents, hundreds of whom are now successfully working in the world of Data & AI, we have decided to draw it to a close.

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The benefits of the Microsoft Certified Data Analyst track

  • High Success Rate: Receive an exam voucher for the official Microsoft PL-300 and AZ-900 exams. If you don’t pass on the first attempt, you’ll get a retake. This has a total value of €528.
  • Learn Premium & Independently: Benefit from 6 months of access to a premium DataCamp account (valued at €140) and enrich your knowledge with Python, SQL, and other programming languages.
  • Ongoing Support: Enjoy weekly check-in moments, live chat support, and inspiring kick-offs for each new learning block.
  • Boost Your Career Skills: Dive into our ‘Career Skills Training Track’ and develop yourself as a sought-after T-shaped professional.
  • Maximized Exam Preparation: Utilize our practice exams for each Microsoft test and put your best foot forward.
  • Start & Conclude in Style: Join our kick-off and wrap-up events, and discover your next career and study milestones.
  • Your Exam Blueprint: Consult our detailed guides filled with useful tips and stand strong during your exams.
  • Certify Your Skills: Upon completion, earn the Techionista ‘Data Analyst’ certificate. If you also pass the Microsoft exams, add the ‘Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)’ and ‘Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst (PL-300)’ certificates to your CV.

What you will learn

At the start of this track, you’ll lay a solid foundation in cloud solutions, primarily focusing on Microsoft Azure. You’ll learn about cloud concepts, Azure’s architecture and essential services, as well as security and management.

Next, you’ll delve into Power BI, transforming data into clear visualizations and interactive dashboards. You’ll also develop skills in SQL for targeted database querying.

Throughout the course, there are weekly ‘Open Coffees‘ for questions and support, and we organize talks with alumni and business partners to provide insights into the ICT sector.

You’ll also participate in the comprehensive career skills track, focusing on career skills such as communication and LinkedIn optimization. At Techionista Academy, the emphasis is on developing T-shaped profiles.

Successfully complete the training and earn the Data Analyst Techionista certificate. If you pass the Microsoft exams, you will also receive the official Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) and Power BI Data Analyst (PL-300) certificates. Good to know: the certification exams, plus one retake opportunity per exam, are included in the price.

Below, we’re pleased to outline the modules you’ll be going through:

AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

  • Cloud Concepts: Discover what cloud computing is, understand how different cloud models work, and learn about the security and pricing considerations involved.
  • Azure Architecture: Understand how Azure organizes resources. Create and manage your own resources within subscriptions and management groups.
  • Azure Services: Familiarize yourself with a range of Azure services, including compute and network services, storage services and identity, access and security management services.
  • Azure Management Principles: Learn about data management in the cloud, discover the best tools and practices for deploying your resources.

PL-300 Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst

  • Preparing, cleaning and transforming data: Transforming raw data into powerful business assets.
  • Designing and implementing data models: Understand and work with data tables, their connections and model optimization.
  • Visualizing data: Create attractive dashboards and weave data trends and patterns into targeted stories.
  • Implement and maintain assets: Learn to create, merge and implement Power BI workspaces.
  • Perform calculations with DAX: Use DAX to create new data or optimize your data processing.
  • Dashboard in one day: Gain advanced skills in building dashboards

Career Skills Track

  • Career Skills Foundations: Delve into understanding your personality, enhancing your ability to communicate, and fostering collaboration in the workplace. Throughout this journey, you’ll uncover the importance of effective learning strategies, the transformative power of adopting a growth mindset, and the significance of improving collaboration and communication through the DISC framework.
  • Personal Branding: Discover how to best represent yourself, whether on your resume, LinkedIn, or during a networking opportunity. Learn how to make an impact with your elevator pitch, elevate your resume to the next level, and optimize your LinkedIn profile.
  • Consultancy Skills: Enhance your advising abilities with our three-part consultancy training. Dive into effective communication, relationship building, conflict resolution, and time management.
  • Job Preparation: Set yourself on the path to your dream job by learning how to tackle challenging interview questions and negotiate your salary and benefits. Additionally, gain confidence in presenting yourself to potential employers and master the art of negotiating to achieve the salary you truly deserve.

Additional modules

  • GitHub: Master the basics of GitHub, a popular web-based platform that lets you store, manage, and share your code with others. Perhaps the most invaluable feature of GitHub is the ability to showcase your work. By hosting your projects on GitHub, you can demonstrate your coding prowess and share your portfolio with hiring managers.
  • Python: Delve into using Python for extracting and transforming data, crafting visualizations, and within the realm of big data. Gain hands-on experience with libraries such as Pandas, Matplotlib, and Seaborn.
  • SQL: Understand how to interact with data and databases to retrieve the information needed for analysis. Learn how to manipulate, cleanse, and organize data, and merge datasets to lay the groundwork for your analysis.

You are the perfect match when you are…

Are you eager to learn? Do you have an affinity with the world of Data & AI? Are you result-oriented? Analytically strong? Then this track might be for you.

Basic knowledge

It’s important that you have some analytical aptitude (for example, a knack for mathematics). Experience with tools like Excel or programming languages is definitely a plus.

Academic level

We estimate that you need to have an academic (thinking) level for this training. You do not have to prove this to us with a University diploma; it is also possible that you reached this level through your work experience.


You have a growth mindset: you don’t see problems but challenges. You are assertive, communicative and eager to learn. You can handle setbacks and are flexible.


We believe in age diversity, so there is no such thing as too young or too old. Everyone is welcome!


This training takes place in Dutch or English. The study material is always in English. A good command of the English language is therefore also important.

Laptop or computer

Preferably Office 365 or 2021, but you can also participate with an earlier version (after 2010). You will not be able to attend this training with a Mac. Install the latest version of Power BI on your computer.

This is how you will learn

Online Environment

You will go through the Data & AI modules independently through an online learning environment. You will also receive comprehensive guides with additional resources and other customized learning materials.

Support and guidance

You’ll get live, online career skills training, and meet your fellow students and the Techionista Team during weekly open coffees. Of course, we’ll provide you with a handy schedule to help you plan.


You’re not just working independently and online. You’ll also meet three times at a fun location for inspiration, to meet role models, and to take on a challenging Data & AI challenge.

What was her experience?

“The Power BI training from Techionista Academy was incredibly fun to attend. The trainer’s explanations were clear and she used relevant examples to make the material more understandable. The group was diverse, so different perspectives were covered. The storytelling part had extra added value because you can also apply that outside of Power BI. In the end, a good foundation was laid to build beautiful, clear reports and dashboards.”


The trainers

Harry van den Hoff

Hard skills Trainer

  • Power BI

Genevieve Koens

Hard skills trainer

  • Dashboard in a day

Sanne van Egmond

Career skills trainer

  • DISC

Ready? Register now!

We offer multiple tracks per year; more dates will be added soon. This training will take place with at least 6 participants.

  • With vouchers for the AZ-900 and PL-300 exams
  • 100% online training
  • Plus extensive career skills track
Training daysPrice
4 June – 26 July 2024€ 6.500 ex VAT
24 Sep – 15 Nov 2024€ 6.500 ex VAT
Prices listed are ex VAT. The inclusive VAT price is € 7865.
Training daysPrice
4 June – 26 July 2024€ 6.500 ex VAT
24 Sep – 15 Nov 2024€ 6.500 ex VAT
Prices listed are ex VAT. The inclusive VAT price is € 7865.