Free retraining with the UWV

Are you currently looking for new career opportunities and considering retraining to a profession with high demand in the job market? Techionista Academy offers you the chance to take advantage of the UWV training budget, which may allow you to retrain for free!

Techionista says goodbye

After an 8-year journey filled with an incredible number of Techionista courses, job fairs, events, and media appearances. After educating more than 1000 Techionista talents, hundreds of whom are now successfully working in the world of Data & AI, we have decided to draw it to a close.

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What does the UWV training budget entail?

The UWV training budget is an amount of max € 5,000 that you can use for training that gives you, as a job seeker with UWV benefits, the opportunity to further develop yourself. As a partner of the UWV, Techionista Academy is committed to creating more job opportunities and supporting you in finding a new job. This means that thanks to this training budget, you may be able to retrain for a promising profession that suits your ambitions and skills at no cost. Also nice: if you follow a training program with us, you may be eligible for a temporary exemption from the obligation to apply for a job.

How do you apply for the UWV Training Budget?

Contact your UWV work consultant

Contact your UWV employment counselor about the Techionista training you would like to start with.

Request our quote

If you receive a positive recommendation from your UWV work advisor, request a quote directly from us. You can submit this in your personal UWV work folder.

Start your training

Once the quote has been approved by UWV and we have received your training budget from UWV, you can start your training!