We empower women through technology!

We inspire, educate, and help women towards future-proof jobs in IT and Technology. In doing so, we strive for more diversity and inclusion in the labor market.

Techionista says goodbye

After an 8-year journey filled with an incredible number of Techionista courses, job fairs, events, and media appearances. After educating more than 1000 Techionista talents, hundreds of whom are now successfully working in the world of Data & AI, we have decided to draw it to a close.

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More than just a course!

We believe in a combination of outstanding hard skills, soft skills, and a big community that supports you at every stage of your new career.

  • The most specialized academy in (re)training women
  • A combination of hard skills, career skills, and business acumen
  • A lifelong learning experience
  • A support network of students, alumni, businesses and coaches
  • 100% online but still personal because of the many check-in moments

Student reviews

Burcu Eda Ernas

Alumni | Data Engineer bij Avanade

“You have to work hard, but if you want to find a job in tech, don’t hesitate. This Academy really works! It’s so much harder when you try to do these classes all by yourself. I will always remember the great time I had here!”

Paulien van Leeuwenburgh

Alumni | Data Analist bij Avanade

“I have learned a lot about myself, because of the excellent training sessions and workshops, but especially from my fellow students. Despite everything being online, I experienced a very nice connection with my class and the Techionista Crew”.

Dhanya Kallat

Alumni | Data Engineer bij ilionx

“Techionista helped me turn my career from mainframe development to big data engineering. Even though the training was online, I built a good relationship with my fellow students. “Empowering Women in Tech” – It meant it!”

Charlotte Bril

Alumni | KYC Portfoliomanager Wholesale NL&A at Rabobank

“Techionista’s retraining program enabled my career switch. Right after the academy I started working as a Data Analytics & AI Consultant at Macaw. I am excited to learn even more and develop myself every day to become an outstanding data scientist! I now work as a portfoliomanager at Rabobank.”

Renate van Kempen

Alumni | Freelance Data Scientist

“Techionista has prepared me in a very short time to become a Data Science professional. After the academy I started working as a freelancer. I would not have been able to take the step towards independence without this training.”

We collaborate with leading companies

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Time is running out

 “We don’t have time to wait for the new generation to close the gender gap. If we don’t enrich women with IT skills now and retrain them into future-proof tech jobs; gender diversity in the labor market will only continue to decrease.”

Vivianne Bendermacher, Managing Director / Founder