Empowering women through technology

We believe that all women can have a successful career in IT and Tech, regardless of their background. All you need is a great amount of courage, perseverance, and curiosity.

Where it all began

Techionista was founded in 2017, when Vivianne Bendermacher and Tamira van Roeyen decided it was time for more diversity and inclusion in IT and technology. After years of experience in media as an editor-in-chief and a digital transformation manager, they realized that they lacked IT and Tech skills and they noticed that this was the case for many women. When they took a deep dive into the status of women in IT and Tech, they discovered that a lot of women might lose their jobs in the upcoming years due to digitalization, automation, and robotization.

So they decided to take on one of the greatest challenges of our time: realizing more inclusion and diversity in the IT & technology labor market. Today, together with a great team of men, women, and business partners, they have (re)trained over 700 women to work in IT and Technology.

Our mission

Techionista is committed to empowering women through technology. Our number one goal is to create a more diverse and inclusive market, where more women are working in IT and technology.

In the world of IT and tech, women are severely underrepresented. If we want to maintain the position of women in the labor market, we must take action. We have to empower women with IT and tech skills. This is where Techionista comes in. We inspire through tech, educate, and coach women into future-proof jobs.

Our team

Together with these passionate people, we work hard towards our mission of more inclusion and diversity within Technology and IT each day. Do you share our values? We are always looking for talented people to join our team!