How does it work with co-financing?

From the DigiPower ‘Green Deal’ grant, 50% of the costs are covered. The other 50% can be paid by a co-financier, such as the UWV, a Regional Mobility Team (RMT) or a company, for example your (current or future) employer. We will briefly go through the different possibilities with you.


If you are currently receiving benefits from UWV, they may be willing to pay 50% of the cost for you. You are eligible for this if you are unemployed or will lose your current job within four months. To learn more about the options and how to apply, contact your Work Advisor at the UWV and sign up without obligation. We will also discuss this option during your intake interview.

Regional Mobility Teams

If you live in the Netherlands, there are Regional Mobility Teams (RMT) in your region that can help you with (some or all of) the co-funding, depending on your circumstances. To find your RMT and contact them, visit the RMT website.

Your (future) employer

Don’t forget to consider your employer as a potential source of co-funding. Many employers are willing to pay for their employees’ training because it teaches them new skills that will ultimately benefit the organization.

In most cases, there will be co-funding. In the unlikely event that there isn’t, consider being your own co-funder. You will then be half yourself.