How much does the 8-week track cost?

You probably noticed that we have two options for you. You can follow the 8-week track, which will prepare you for a new career as a Data Analyst or a Data & AI consultant. Or you can follow the 16-week track. After finishing that track, you are able to start as a Data Analyst or as a Data Engineer.

The total study costs of the 8-week track are: € 6.560 excl. VAT (€ 7.937,60 incl. VAT). Before the start of the program, you pay € 3.500 excl VAT (€ 4.235,- incl. VAT). Good to know: most of our talents only pay that amount, and never the remaining study costs of € 3060 excl VAT (€ 3702,60 incl VAT). That’s because most of our talents will find a job during or after the track with a company that pays the remaining study costs on their behalf.

On top of that: we use a no-cure, no-pay rule for the remaining study costs: if you don’t find a job within 4 months after graduation, we will cancel the remaining study costs! Only if you find a job within 4 months after graduation and your new employer is NOT willing to pay the remaining study costs, then will you pay back the remaining study costs yourself, which you can do in monthly installments.