Sima Soy

Project Manager

My college journey began with translation studies. Then, the allure of the tech world captivated me. I delved into Artificial Intelligence, focusing on Machine Learning and Large Language Models, even penning a thesis on the topic.

It became evident to me that significant biases existed in this area, and many felt intimidated or excluded from the tech sphere. Today, I stand with the Techionista team, committed to fostering a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse IT landscape through education.

My professional journey before Techionista Academy has seen me delve into diverse fields such as education, translation, event management, sales, communication, and marketing… What continually drives me is the thirst for exploration and the pursuit of honing my skills. I’m a staunch advocate for lifelong learning, believing it’s the gateway to refreshing our life’s perspectives.

Outside of my professional life, I remain an explorer of AI and broader tech landscapes. The advancements in tech never cease to amaze me and inspire me. But my interests don’t stop thereā€”I enjoy traveling, learning new languages, watching movies (I’m a big fan of classical French movies), and capturing moments through photography.

Let’s connect, I’m just a LinkedIn message away!