Vivianne Bendermacher

Managing Director

I once founded Techionista as a hobby project in addition to my then job as editor-in-chief of popular science magazine KIJK. In the early days Techionista was a website where I could write content about my passion for (digital) technology. In the years that followed, I discovered that with this passion as a woman I was quite an exception. IT and technology are still dominated by men. I thought that was a pity. Not only because the world of IT and technology is insanely fun and creative, and I would love to see more women ignited by that enthusiasm. But also because women with IT skills have more opportunities on the labor market.

This is urgently needed, because women are still overrepresented in areas that will become more scarce or even disappear completely due to emerging technology in the coming years. And last but not least: the current tech world is improving with more women on board. Diversity leads to quality. I like to work hard for that. As a founder of Techionista, but also on stages as a keynote speaker and as a tech journalist at the desk at, for example, RTL Boulevard.