2 training days

Microsoft Certified Security, Compliance and Identity

  • Prepare for the Microsoft SC-900 Exam
  • With hands-on and real-life examples
  • Free with STAP budget
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Why this training?

Cybersecurity is a hot topic more than ever. Learning to identify potential security flaws, threats, and malicious activities in order to increase online security is taken deadly seriously by organizations and governments.

Do you want to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of security, compliance, and identity (SCI) in order to gain a stronger position in the job market? Then the SC-900 Security, Compliance, and Identity training course is for you!

This 2-day Instructor-led training covers various aspects of identity and security methodologies, and some hands-on and real-life examples. After this track and some self-study, you are ready for the official Microsoft SC-900 certificate: Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals.

With this certification, your job resume will catch the eyes of potential employers or pave the path for a promotion within your present job.

Great news; if you apply with the STAP budget, this track is completely free of charge!

This training will be given in English.

You can use STAP budget for this training!

Get up to € 1,000 in subsidies with your personal STAP budget to follow a Techionista course. You can indicate that you want to use your STAP budget when you sign up for this course. Please have a look at our STAP page for more information.

Entering the fundamentals of Security!

This course consists of 16 hours live training, divided over 2 full training days. In addition to the basic theory, you will also get plenty of time to put your knowledge into practice. On top of that, we will prepare you for the Microsoft certification SC-900 (Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals). 

After joining the training days, you will need to study to prepare for the exam. How many more hours of self-study will you need? That varies from person to person. It depends on your experience and how fast you learn. We estimate that it will take you 6 extra study hours. 

The costs of taking the exam are included in the price of this training. After the training days and your self-study, you can schedule your exam using the voucher that you will receive from us.

This training will be given in English.

You are the perfect match when you are…

Are you eager to learn? Do you have an affinity with the world of IT? Are you tech-savvy? Then this track might be for you.

Basic knowledge of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365

Because the course refers to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 terminology, it would be beneficial if you have basic knowledge of those two topics.

Academic level

We estimate that you need to have an academic (thinking) level for this training. You do not have to prove this to us with a University diploma; it is also possible that you reached this level through your work experience.


You have a growth mindset, instead of problems you only see challenges. You are assertive and communicative. You are eager to learn and stress-resistant. You can deal with setbacks and therefore you are flexible.


We believe in age diversity, so everyone is welcome. However: if you want to participate with the STAP budget, then you have to be between 18 and 67 years old (you are not yet entitled to a state pension).

General understanding of the IT environment

Having a general grasp of networking and cloud computing concepts will help you better understand the concept of SCI.

Workers and jobseekers

Everyone can enroll: new and existing IT professionals, freelancers, and jobseekers with an interest in Microsoft security, compliance, and identity management technologies.

This is what you will learn

The basic concepts of security, compliance, and identity

  • Security methodologies and Microsoft Security
  • Encryption and hashing
  • Compliance principles
  • Zero trust methodology
  • Shared responsibility model defense in depth

The features of Microsoft identity and Access management solutions

  • The identity principles and concepts
  • Basic identity and identity types
  • Authentication
  • Access management and identity protection 
  • Governance capabilities of Azure Active Directory

Managing the basic security capabilities in Microsoft solutions

  • Azure
  • Azure Sentinel 
  • Microsoft 365 Defender 
  • InTune
  • Microsoft 365

Microsoft’s compliance management capabilities

  • The capabilities in Microsoft 365 of information protection and governance
  • Inside risk
  • eDiscovery 
  • Audit

The trainer

Anand Rao Nednur


  • Microsoft certified
  • Cloud Architect on Azure, AWS and GCP
  • Security expert
  • Scrum Master

Ready? Register now!

This training will take place with at least 6 participants and will be given in English (EN).

  • A voucher for the SC-900 exam is included
  • 100% Online training
  • Master the fundamentals of Security, Compliance, and Identity

You can participate in this training with the STAP budget. With the STAP budget, this training is free of charge. For more info about the STAP budget: please visit our STAP page.

Training daysPrice
13-14 April ’23€ 995 incl VATRegister here
Training daysPrice
13-14 April ’23€ 995 incl VAT

Learning Path to Become a Master of Security

With the SC-900 you cover the basics of Microsoft solutions’ security services. But if you really want to become an expert on this subject, we recommend following through and taking the next steps! That’s why we are creating an entire learning path as we speak.

To give you a glimpse of what that will look like:

  • After the SC-900 certificate, you can go for the SC-200 which covers more in-depth knowledge of security. You’ll learn how to mitigate threats and configure Microsoft Sentinel Environment.
  • Then it’s time for SC-300 certificate. It will help you to obtain practical aspects of implementing and managing your identity and access solutions.
  • Compliance, data protection, governance, and risk management are the main topics of SC-400. While being hands-on, this certification concentrates on technology at the management level.
  • And finally SC-100 develops you into a well-rounded architect for cyber security. 

Do you want to become a Master of the Azure Security services?

We are planning to launch SC-200, SC-300, SC-400, SC-100 courses very soon. Reserve your seat now without any obligation and join the waiting list!  

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I know if my STAP application has been approved?

The UWV can take up to 4 weeks to approve applications but aims to do so within a few working days. For most applications, if the conditions are met, the STAP budget is awarded almost immediately.

Do I have to wait for my STAP budget application to be approved before I can apply for training?

No, you don’t have to wait. The first step is to enroll in the Techionista Academy training of your choice. After enrollment, you will receive a certificate of enrollment. From November 1st you can apply for the STAP budget via stapuwv.nl. If the STAP budget is granted, we will receive a copy in the form of a purchase order, and you are ready to start the training!

For which of your courses can I use the STAP budget?

Techionista Academy is registered in the STAP Training Register, which means that the STAP budget of € 1,000 can be used for all our trainings.

What if I want to take a course that costs more than €1,000?

Would you like to take one of our long-track courses? Then it is also possible to make use of the STAP budget. You will receive a discount of € 1.000 and pay the rest of the costs yourself.