Techionista presents: the Job Seekers Offer

You want to take a course with us to then work in your new Data & AI field. You can opt for our special Job Seekers Offer. Initially, you only pay 50% of your training costs; this can be paid in installments if necessary. The rest is converted into a student loan and is in most cases paid by your new employer.

What does Techionista’s Job Seekers Offer entail?

Are you looking for a new job and want to take a course with us? Then you will initially pay only 50% of the training costs. This can be done in installments if necessary. We park the other 50%. As soon as you have found a job, you pay back the student loan, in installments if desired. Experience shows that in most cases your new employer will be happy to do that for you. Would you like free advice about our Job Seekers Offer? Then schedule a no-obligation call with us. Do you receive benefits from the UWV? Take a look at our UWV page.

When do you qualify for the Job Seekers Offer?

You’re looking for a new job

The first rule is very simple: you are looking for a new job. If you have a job and are not planning to leave it, then you are not eligible. This is because we assume that your current employer can contribute to the study costs.

You got a positive study advice

If you want to take a course with us and make use of the Job Seekers Offer, you will always have a non-binding intake call first. During that call, we determine if the study is right for you. If it is, you will receive a positive study advice.

You adhere to the conditions

Of course, we also expect something from you. For instance, you will need to actively search for a job after completing the course. You should also follow our advice on matters such as your LinkedIn profile. We will be happy to tell you more about the conditions during your intake call.

Sign up today with no obligation!

What are you waiting for? Your new Data & AI career awaits you! Sign up today for one of our trainings. Don’t worry: you’re not committed to anything yet. In the registration form, you can indicate that you want to make use of the Job Seekers Offer. We will then invite you for a non-binding intake call.