2,5 training weeks

Become a Power BI Expert (PL-300)

  • Power BI and data analysis
  • Plus DISC training
  • With Microsoft PL-300 exam voucher

Woman working behind a Windows laptop on Power BI.

Become a Power Expert: A Leading Tool in Data Analysis!

Power BI is a business analytics service provided by Microsoft that allows businesses to analyze and visualize data in a more effective and efficient way. It enables organizations to connect to various data sources, transform and clean the data, and create interactive and insightful reports and dashboards.

Using Power BI, businesses can make data-driven decisions, identify trends and patterns, and gain insights into their operations and customers. It also provides real-time monitoring and alerts, allowing businesses to unlock the full potential of their data and make informed decisions.

By taking our Become a Power BI Expert (PL-300) course, you will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to master this powerful tool and drive business success. Would you like to train yourself to start your career as a data analyst? Or do you want to enrich your skillset, in order to gain a more solid position in the labor market? Then the Become a Power BI Expert course is the right training for you!

Techionista says goodbye

After an 8-year journey filled with an incredible number of Techionista courses, job fairs, events, and media appearances. After educating more than 1000 Techionista talents, hundreds of whom are now successfully working in the world of Data & AI, we have decided to draw it to a close.

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The benefits of the Become a Power BI Expert (PL-300) course

  • 3 Live training days for the PL-300, 1 workshop day for building Dashboards, 1 exam prep day, and ½ day of career skills training by experienced trainers
  • Exam voucher for the official Microsoft PL-300 exam and one retake if needed worth €330
  • 6 months access to a premium DataCamp account worth €140 for self-study with which relevant knowledge in Python, SQL, and other programming languages can be gained
  • Career Skills Training on communication and collaboration to create the foundation for T-shaped profiles 
  • Practice exams to prepare for the Microsoft PL-300
  • A kick-off and wrap-up event where participants learn more about next career and study steps
  • Access to helpful guides full of tips to best prepare for the exam
  • Upon completion, Official Techionista certificate titled ‘Power BI Expert

This is what you will learn

The Become a Power BI Expert (PL-300) course equips participants with the skills to analyze and visualize data using Power BI, a leading business intelligence tool. Learn data cleaning, transformation, analysis, and create interactive dashboards for team and management discussions. Additionally, you’ll undergo career skills training on communication and collaboration using the DISC personality assessment. Techionista Academy emphasizes T-shaped profiles, integrating career skills into technical training to ensure participants seamlessly fit into any organization or project.

Successfully complete the course and earn the Power BI Expert Techionista Certificate. Pass the Microsoft exam and receive the official Power BI Data Analyst (PL-300) certificate, a recognized testament to your Power BI expertise. The certification exam, with one re-take option, is covered by the course fee.

Here is an overview of the modules that you’ll be covering:

PL-300 Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst

  • Preparing, Cleaning, and Transforming Data: Convert raw data into powerful business resources.
  • Design and Implement Data Models: Understand and work with data tables, their connections, and model optimization.
  • Visualize Data: Create appealing dashboards and weave data trends and patterns into purposeful narratives.
  • Deploy and Maintain Assets: Learn to create, merge, and deploy Power BI workspaces.
  • Perform Calculations with DAX: Use DAX to create new data or optimize your data handling.
  • Dashboard in one Day: Acquire advanced skills in Building dashboards 

Improve Collaboration and Communication skills with DISC

  • Onboarding to the DISC Assessment Tool: Take the DISC personality assessment to gain more insights before the on-demand and live training sessions
  • Understanding the DISC Profile: Understanding the logic behind DISC as well as the different personality types and interpreting the results of a DISC profile 
  • Improving Communication and Collaboration Skills: Explore how DISC can help on a daily basis and how to improve your collaboration and communication skills

You are the perfect match when you are…

Are you eager to learn? Are you tech-savvy? Then this track might be for you.

Basic knowledge

Because the course refers to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 terminology, it would be beneficial if you have basic knowledge of those two topics.

Academic level

We estimate that you need to have an academic (thinking) level for this training. You do not have to prove this to us with a University diploma; it is also possible that you reached this level through your work experience.


You have a growth mindset: instead of problems you only see challenges. You are assertive, communicative, and eager to learn. You can deal with setbacks and therefore you are flexible.


We believe in age diversity, so there is no such thing as too young or too old. Everyone is welcome!


This training will take place in Dutch or in English. The study materials are always in English. A good understanding of the English language is therefore also important.

Laptop or computer

Preferably Office 365 or 2021, but earlier versions (after 2010) can also participate. With a Mac, you can not attend this training. Please install the latest version of Power BI on your computer.

This is how you will learn

Online Environment

We offer instructor-led courses and online modules hosted on our LMS. You’ll also receive comprehensive guides with additional resources and other tailored learning materials.

Support and guidance

You’ll get instructor guidance, full Techionista team support, and join a community of like-minded fellow students, willing to help each other out.

Planning and schedule

You’ll study full-time, with a mix of structured and self-paced modules. A handy schedule is provided to assist with planning and pacing.

What was her experience?

“The Power BI training from Techionista Academy was incredibly fun to attend. The trainer’s explanations were clear, and she used relevant examples to make the material more comprehensible. The group was diverse, which ensured that different perspectives were discussed. The storytelling part had extra added value because you can apply that outside of Power BI too. Ultimately, a good foundation is laid to build beautiful, clear reports and dashboards.”


The trainers

Harry van den Hoff

Hard skills Trainer

  • Power BI

Genevieve Koens

Hard skills trainer

  • Dashboard in a Day

Sanne van Egmond

Career skills trainer

  • DISC

Ready? Register now!

We offer multiple tracks per year; more dates will be added soon. This training will take place with at least 6 participants. This training is given in Dutch (NL) and in English (EN). Please have a look at the dates to see in which language that specific track is given.

  • With a voucher for the PL-300 exam
  • 100% Online training
  • Plus Collaboration and Communication skills training (DISC)
Training daysPrice
27 May – 12 June 2024€ 2,500 ex VAT
2 – 18 September 2024€ 2,500 ex VAT
4 – 20 November 2024€ 2,500 ex VAT
Prices listed are ex VAT. The inclusive VAT price is € 3025.
Training daysPrice
27 May – 12 June€ 2,500 ex VAT
2 – 18 Sep 2024€ 2,500 ex VAT
4 – 20 Nov 2024€ 2,500 ex VAT
Prices listed are ex VAT. The inclusive VAT price is € 3025.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a specific laptop to participate?

You cannot take this training with a Mac or a tablet. Install the latest version of Power BI on your computer. The latest version is not necessary, but certainly nice to have.

Are there any funding or subsidy opportunities that I should be aware of?

Yes! There are quite a few funding or subsidy opportunities that you should be aware of. Check out this blog that lists all the different options.

Is the study material included in the price?

You don’t have to purchase anything for this training. All teaching material is available online and included in our price.