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What does a Data Consultant do?

Welcome to the world of data consultants! Data Consultants are wizards of the data world and they’re here to help businesses make sense of the mountains of data they’re collecting every day. The Role of a Data Consultant Data consultants… continue reading

5 signs a career in technology is right for you!

You might’ve seen some stories in the media about the tech sector having difficulty finding talent. Today, technology plays a significant role in every industry, from supermarkets to the medical field. Proper representation of the consumers’ voice can only happen… continue reading

‘Women have different capabilities from an empathy perspective’

At Techionista Academy, it’s our mission to empower women through Technology. One way of doing that, is by sharing the personal conversations we had with female leaders in the tech industry who inspire us. And hey: you can read those stories, but you can also listen to them in The Techionista Podcast! In this episode: the story of Anke den Ouden, Managing Director of Microsoft The Netherlands.