Stay relevant in the job market: use your employer’s training budget

Leveraging the training budget provided by your employer is a smart move to strengthen your position in the job market. With an ongoing emphasis on digital transformation and technological skills, it is no surprise that many employers find it important that their employees continue to learn and develop. Yet recent research by the employers’ association AWVN shows that a significant portion of the employer’s training budget remains unused, with more than €1.5 billion in unused funds. A shame! But you will make use of it. Right? Of course, you do and we are here to help you!

In January 2024, the Employers’ Association AWVN announced new research results. What did they reveal? Employers consider learning and development to be very important. Nearly 80 percent of collective labor agreements and employment conditions regulations include provisions for learning, development, and training. On average, most employees in the Netherlands have about 700 euros per year in their personal training budget. Yet, only about 55% of all available training funds are utilized each year. This means that approximately 1.5 billion euros remain unused. What an incredible waste!

Check if your employer has a training budget for you

Especially with the rapid rise of artificial intelligence, skills quickly become outdated. If you want to stay relevant in the job market, it’s wise to invest in yourself. And preferably with a financial boost thanks to your employer’s training budget. So, you’re going to make use of that ;). The first step is to find out if your employer indeed has a training budget. Start by consulting your employment contract, collective labor agreement, or the intranet. If you can’t find any information, then ask your supervisor or the HR department.

Prepare your employer’s training budget application well

Does your employer have a training budget? Great! Then you can apply for it. Make sure you prepare your application for training thoroughly. List the reasons why you want to follow a specific course. What’s in it for your employer? In other words: which skills will you develop that are relevant to your employer? And why do you want to specifically follow the course at Techionista Academy? To help you on your way: Techionista Academy collaborates with Microsoft, and you will earn Microsoft certificates during your training. These are highly valuable in the job market. Moreover, Techionista Academy has a long-standing track record and is known for its commitment to increased diversity, equity, and inclusion; having an employee undergo training at Techionista Academy could contribute to achieving a company’s Sustainable Development Goals (ESG and SDG).