Let’s close the gender gap in IT and tech together

At Techionista, we enrich companies with our Academy, Agency, and Talent Match services, positioning ourselves as your creative partner in the search for new and diverse IT talent. In collaboration with Microsoft, we are there for organizations that hold diversity, equality, and inclusion in high regard, whether it’s about strengthening your current team or finding new talents: we are ready to assist you.

Why choose Techionista

Techionista is on a mission. We aim to close the gender gap in IT and tech. Firstly, we do this through Techionista Agency by creating inspiring content to encourage women to consider the world of IT and Tech, or, if they are already working in this field, to highlight them as role models.

In this way, we have already reached and converted hundreds of women to Techionista Academy. This is sometimes in collaboration with leading national and international companies. We train talents, either upskilling or reskilling them, to prepare them for jobs in the world of Data & AI. We have been doing this for years with Microsoft as our loyal partner.

However, finding and training talent is not enough. That’s why we also have a third label: Techionista Talent Match. Through this, we are committed to sustainable matches between talents and companies that prioritize diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Techionista says goodbye

After an 8-year journey filled with an incredible number of Techionista courses, job fairs, events, and media appearances. After educating more than 1000 Techionista talents, hundreds of whom are now successfully working in the world of Data & AI, we have decided to draw it to a close.

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Techionista Agency

Your creative partner

Techionista Academy is your creative partner in your search for female talent. We specialize in a variety of content; from inspiring podcasts, and lively video content to informative blog posts and engaging events on location and/or online, such as talk shows, meet-ups, or award shows.

From top to bottom:

  • Online talk show developed for Avanade. We found 662 international talents for Avanade. We then retrained the best 25 talents for them. They are now working successfully at Avanade.
  • Together with partners such as Adyen, we put on strong events. With female role models on stage, but always with content at the center. In addition to Adyen, Google, Microsoft and Uber also acted as hosts.
  • In her own podcast, Techionista interviews Female Leaders in Tech, such as Anke den Ouden: Managing Director of Microsoft Netherlands. Techionista’s founder Vivianne also hosts and interviews various (Dutch-language) tech podcasts. For Team High Tech Crime of the Dutch Police the podcast Takedown, for NS ‘From Code to Coupe‘, for T-Mobile ‘Unlimited Ondernemen‘, and for Deloitte the podcast Cases.

Techionista Academy

We believe there is no time left to lose. There is currently a shortage of well-trained personnel. We are now dealing with too little (gender) diversity in the world of IT. Therefore, we don’t have the luxury to wait for, for example, girls to massively opt for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) subjects, and enter the labor market in the traditional way to close the gender gap. That’s why we advocate for upskilling and, where necessary, reskilling.

Together with Microsoft, we have developed various training programs to quickly prepare talent for a job in IT, with the necessary certifications. In this way, we have successfully guided around 1000 women into the world of IT and tech. Our talents are no longer beginners in the labor market but have extensive experience as, for example, managers; and they bring in-depth knowledge from their previous industries; think of retail, e-commerce, healthcare, finance, marketing, and so forth.

Custom or in-house training

Techionista Academy has extensive experience in tailoring training for specific companies. We also help companies make the talent they already employ sustainable. Are you – for instance – a company with many marketers who are not yet very data-driven? Techionista Academy is your partner!

A selection of our training courses

2,5 training weeks

Become a Power BI Expert (PL-300)

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3 weeks

Data Engineering in the Azure Cloud (DP-203)

View training
2 weeks

Machine Learning & AI (DP-100)

View training
8 weeks

Microsoft Certified Data Scientist

View training
10 weeks

Microsoft Certified Data Engineer

View training
8 weeks

Microsoft Certified Data Analyst

View training
7 / 15 weeks

Career Accelerator: Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Track with hands-on AI

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These companies have gone before you

Some of the companies where our alumni have already gone to work:

digital power

What companies say about us

Sjoerd Hobo

Director at ilionx

“I immediately fell in love with the concept. First of all because Techionista trains competent ladies in the field of technology, but also because of the beautiful people behind the company. Managing Directors and founders Tamira and Vivianne work with such passion and put so much experience, heart and soul into this brand and training: the whole picture just fit for us. We hired around 30 Techionista alumni already.”

Annika Grosse

Europe Data & AI lead at Avanade

“We believe it is really important to help women understand the opportunities available to them in the tech sector and gain the skills needed for an enriching career. We are proud to partner with Techionista Academy, which, like us, aims to inspire, motivate and educate women who want to work in the IT/tech sector. Techionista Academy trained talents for us in nine European countries.”

Marianne Faro

Managing Director at Itility

“It always feels great to get fellow ladies interested in tech and data. That’s why we love the concept of the Techionista Academy. Being able to bring value with data is such a wonderful field – and partnering with Techionista allows that field to grow.”” 

Xander Kuiper

Chief Technology Officer at TeamValue

“Diversity is not just a matter of gender balance in an organization. It is also the sum of experience level, previous career, personality and drive. And that’s where we see a great match with Techionista. A dynamic team with not necessarily like-minded people is what makes us powerful! The courses will give you a kickstart as a Business Intelligence Consultant at TeamValue.”